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The group is setup in a way that members learn together in the most efficient way possible.

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TOTK is an uplifting community of ICT traders that are focused on helping each other get better. This means that members discuss ideas, strategies, experiences, psychological tips and much more.



Within the mentorship, Zeussy mentors his students by giving access to two daily reviews and one weekend review, trade breakdowns and topical lectures. All content is in video format.


Educational content

Members get access to a MMXM course, Trade Breakdowns, Weekly Reviews by Inner Circle members, Zeussy's 2023 trade breakdowns and his 2023 market reviews.


Educational platform

The mentorship takes place on a complete custom educational platform. Subscribers can login on this platform through their Whop account once they have began the subscription.


Frequent livestreams & podcasts

Trading related livestreams and podcasts hosted by advanced TOTK members.


Real Time Analysis

Within the mentorship Zeussy shares his own expectations and analysis during the reviews for how he believes the markets are going to deliver, but this is not meant as financial advice. Zeussy is not a financial advisor and therefore he will never give investment advice. For the full disclaimer, please read the risk disclaimer.

Guidance from seasoned profitable traders


Connect with like-minded individuals.

The people you surround yourself with will determine wether or not you will reach your full potential.

Members grow together.

The members have the opportunity to discuss the educational knowledge and therefore help each other get better.

Keep motivating each other.

Whenever someones lacks the internal motivation to grind, a kick in the ass is often a good tool to solve that..

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I will sign up at first, thinking this is just another mentorship. Seeing...

Great, full of knowledge and people that are ready to help others.

Love the content, is a lightbulb on how MMXM and everything around it works. But the best part is th...

Really an amazing Group. I've been in so many groups that I've lost count of, but this one really st...

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Yes you can cancel your subscription at any time. Your subscription remains active until the end of the subscribed period.

We follow a no refund policy for all purchases to TOTK. This means that all purchases are final as can be read in our T.O.S.

TOTK does not give financial advice. Opinions, chats, messages, news, research, analysis, prices, or other information contained on our platform are provided as general market information for educational and entertainment purposes only, and do not constitute investment advice

Your personal data gets stored internally, but does not get shared outside outside of the platform except with Payment Service Processors. For more information, please read the privacy policy.

Most members are focused on Index Futures and Forex, but we also discuss Crypto here and there.

You can access the content on the mentorship as long as your subscription lasts.

You receive access to the platform(s) right away after completing the one time or initial payment.

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